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I am not young and take drugs to increase potency. At first he saved and bought our North Star. But how many did not try, nothing. She does not help me. Now I am taking the European drug lasix. This is a completely different matter. The effect is always there and occurs in about 30 minutes. The tablets are white, sold one or four each. Convenient, efficient and high quality.

I was advised by lasix friend. He has been taking it for a long time when he needs to not face the dirt in front of the girl in bed. I tried it. An ordinary small white tablet, dissolved in the tongue almost immediately, but somewhere in half an hour I felt a surge of strength. So now I also accept only him. Inexpensive, effective, convenient and safe. What else is needed.

Leading Causes of lasix furosemide

I appreciate lasix for the neutral color of the tablets and the price. Viagra, Magsigre and other more expensive and can not be taken safely because of the coloring of the tablets. Overpay for "blue impotent crutch" fed up, took the analogue. The compiler is the same and the company is good, foreign, it was not dumb. I took the corporate - successfully) The drug did not dull the sensations, the distance was long.

The price of lasix qtab does not hit much, I take it sometimes. According to the instructions, you need to take a tablet 30-40 minutes before the love joy, but essentially 12-15 minutes pass and there is contact)) This is due to the method of reception, probably or just the European quality gives its own, in any case I recommend it and I will still order it.

And my half is more relaxed, I don’t mind looking into a sex shop) I’m only if I accept lasix), excitement is not a problem with her + my beloved didn’t burn me even once)) I keep the packaging in the nest. And I only carry 1 piece each, perforated blister, it is very convenient to separate the tablets.

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